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Looking for experienced 350+ ilevel heals/ranged for core,also recruiting all classes casual rated bgs
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WTB More activity :D
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           Welcome To Labor Omnia Vincit  ("Work Conquers All Things" )  Members please check back in our forums often! We are always adding new things, and we encourage everyone to do the same! If you are a new recruit or an applicant, please post a thread in Guild Recruitment Forums. Thanks... and have a great day :D 
What's shakin in laborland?

6/7!!! Domo Dies

Haleez1234, Sep 18, 11 8:21 PM.


Haleez1234, Sep 9, 11 7:00 PM.

Bill Bites the dust!!

Haleez1234, Sep 8, 11 7:51 PM.

New Core Spots Availble

Haleez1234, Aug 31, 11 12:40 PM.
   With the end of summer and the start of another school year, our core has once again shifted, we lost a few people due to irl issues,and we are sad to see them go. This is good news tho for raiders who are anxious to get a core spot. Please contact Abadkitty or Blodgerm w/ your class/spec,availability if you feel you are Firelands ready. Thanks guys,look forward to a great fall!!!! :)

Grats 4/7!!!

Haleez1234, Aug 12, 11 12:55 PM.

Screenshot contest gogo!!

Haleez1234, Aug 11, 11 1:04 PM.
  Time is running out,gogo get your entries in guys!!

Beth Farm!!

Haleez1234, Aug 11, 11 1:00 PM.

Guildmeeting was a great success!! Get your availabilities in guys!

Haleez1234, Aug 11, 11 12:51 PM.


Haleez1234, Aug 9, 11 4:39 PM.

Beth Dead Woot!!!! 2/7 FL gogo guys

Haleez1234, Aug 4, 11 7:17 PM.

1/7 Firelands! Watch out Rag!

Neradar, Jul 11, 11 1:21 PM.

Grats 12/12!!!!! Good Job Everyone

Haleez1234, Jul 1, 11 3:08 PM.

This is what we do on a Friday night.

Naturistics1, Jun 24, 11 10:48 PM.


Haleez1234, Jun 10, 11 4:45 PM.

Cho'gall dead!!!

Haleez1234, May 29, 11 7:27 PM.
Very gj Core on 1st Cho'gall kill, Hopefully many more to come! 

Coming to a TB near you!

Haleez1234, May 27, 11 7:44 PM.

Pimpin' the striders.

Naturistics1, May 8, 11 9:09 PM.


Haleez1234, Mar 24, 11 1:15 PM.

7/12 :D

Haleez1234, Feb 14, 11 6:58 PM.

4/12 gj guys!!!

Haleez1234, Feb 14, 11 6:54 PM.
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